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The largest database of properties & agents in Uganda

1000s of properties from verified / approved / legitimate / vetted / genuine / trusted and experienced real estate agents only.


The Real Estate Database (RED) is the largest database of agents and properties in Uganda, it has 1000s of properties from; verified, approved, legitimate, vetted, genuine, trusted, and experienced real estate agents only.

The RED is a property search engine that returns results by querying from a network of several real estate websites which are linked together. The aim of the RED is to interlink all real estate websites to create the largest pool of properties in one place. The RED can also be referred to as a Multiple Listing Server (or MLS) because it lists properties from multiple real estate websites.

When you search the RED, you get results from several sources including Agents, Brokers, Developers, and Property Managers plus Homeowners. All these sources must already have their websites linked to the database if the properties they own are to be listed. The RED therefore returns all the best results from multiple top real estate websites and agents so that you find what you’re looking for faster.

Each real estate website that is linked to the RED has its own properties and each will return search results. The RED looks at all of them, decides which results are most relevant to your search, and reveals them to you. In the end, you get a list of results more complete than any other online source.

This time saving philosophy of a property search engine is so important that it has attracted large amounts of online traffic from house hunters who need variety. What the RED does is that it compiles all the best results in one easy-to-access place.

Different Real Estate Agents, Brokers [Realtors] and Developers can register and then upload or post properties (for sale or rent) directly to the database and to their own websites simultaneously.

House hunters can easily search for houses of their choice before they get into contact with the respective Brokers or Agents or Realtors; this means that every real estate agent or broker can easily upload his own properties with images directly to our database regardless of where he is located [ this can be an office, internet cafe, home, hotel, Airport, etc].

We are the nation's leading "Real Estate Search Engine" and our investment in this hi-tech database has achieved the aim of providing a wide variety of houses for thousands of families and individuals that have less time to move around searching for a new property.

All properties you will see on this database are uploaded by several real estate Agents and Brokers or Realtors who have registered with us as members. if you are a landlord then please visit the Landlords page and contact any of our member agents; they will upload your property into our database. If you are an agent, then please visit the agent’s page to register and upload your properties. 

It is an easy-to-use database for both house-hunters and registered members or realtors. We realized that "one of the biggest problems faced by real estate companies is the lack of ability and capacity to instantly update their own websites with new properties; especially if they have to edit the images".

We have completely sorted that problem by creating a database that is updated or edited directly by the agent or broker without the help of a third party; and no need for any other software to resize or optimize images because the database does that automatically; and then displays the new properties instantly.

Our mission is "To provide the most trusted real estate information in real time", and because properties are from many real estate agents; the database has a very wide selection of houses for Rent or Sale with descriptive information, color photos, agents’ details, property specifications, house descriptions, plus prices.

Whether it’s your first-time to this database or you are already a member; this is a great place to begin the search process. We have made everything available to you 24/7 and only a click away. We consider our list of clients as our pride and joy, as they have benefited from our skills, strategic thinking, and user-centered design.

In conclusion, we highly recommend that you Install the RED Android App from the Google Play Store, and register for property alerts, then you will get notified as soon as a property within your budget is uploaded.


HOW THE RED WORKS - The Real Estate Database (RED) is the largest database in Uganda that interlinks several real estate websites in order to create a pool of 1000s of properties in one place, the RED also distributes all the collected properties to several other listing websites/portals as shown in the image below.&nb ....
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RED ANDROID APP - Click the following link to download the latest Android version of the Real Estate Database App: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.RealEstateDatabase.apk Introducing a Faster, Simpler & more Powerful real estate experience within the RED Android app.We have been working hard t ....
FRANCHISING - By investing in a Real Estate Database (RED) franchise; you will be granted an exclusive license to use our RED system, images, trademarks and other intellectual property for the purpose of operating an online RED business in your country. We provide a "single region/country operator" franchise mo ....
JOBS - Zillion Technologies Limited is an IT company offering an opportunity to individuals who are interested in marketing and developing the company’s main service/product known as Real Estate Database (RED) located at www.RealEstateDatabase.net. The RED is at the forefront of changing how people t ....
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AGENT REVIEWS - Reviewers can click the stars on each agent and then enter remarks about an agent in a free form review box.   Reviewers can also rate the agent on several criteria: local knowledge, process expertise, responsiveness, and negotiation skills. Ratings run on a scale of 1 to 5, indicating how li ....
PRIVACY POLICY - This privacy policy has been compiled to better serve those who are concerned with how their 'Personally identifiable information' (PII) is being used online. Please read our privacy policy carefully to get a clear understanding of how we collect, use, protect or otherwise handle your Personally ....
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HOME - The Real Estate Database (RED) is a property search engine that returns results by querying from a network of several real estate websites which are linked together, The aim of the RED is to interlink all real estate websites so as to create the largest pool of properties in one place, the RED can a ....
HOW TO USE THIS WEBSITE - This website is open to all. we invite all those interested in real estate to freely use, promote, share and distribute the contents of this website.The different parts the website can be accessed at any time by navigating with the menu on the left side of the website.Opportunities for real estate u ....
RED SERVICES - The Real Estate Database offers an array of real estate related services either directly or through its members. feel free to click any of the links below (under related pages) to see more information about each of the services offered by the RED or its partners.
RED MEMBERSHIP - Real Estate Database (RED) membership is currently offered to only real estate Agents and Realtors if you fall into that cartegory then use the registration form to register, Right Now! When you join the RED membership, you are partnering with the best provider of exceptional property search/market ....
BLOGS, NEWS AND EVENTS - As a pioneer of property listing services in Uganda, the RED has a multitude of topics and opinions to share regarding the local real estate industry. We are committed to continual innovation to better support the needs of the real estate community, ensuring the integrity of information we publish, ....
STATE OF THE MARKET - The overall trends of the real estate market in Uganda usually tallies with the global trends, ie if the global market is growing then the Ugandan market is also also growing, and the factors which affect real estate globally (eg the pandemic economy) also affect real estate in Uganda. However, the ....
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CONTACT US - Mobile 1: +256705162000 Mobile 2: +256788162000 Email 1: info@RealEstateDatabase.net Email 2: julius@RealEstateDatabase.net Plot: 24, Block 240. Road: Sir Apollo Kaggwa Road Block: Bifro House Floor: 1st floor Premise: Office #8 Website: www.RealEstateDatabase.net


Storeyed house for sale in Lubowa
Hot deal
Location - Lubowa
District - Wakiso
Type - Storeyed house
Sizefive bedroom
Status - For Sale
Ugx 1,200,000,000
Real Estate Agents in Kampala Uganda
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Duplex for rent in Kisaasi
Hot deal
Location - Kisaasi
District - Kampala
Type - Duplex
Sizefive bedroom
Status - For Rent
$ 1,200
Real Estate Agents in Kampala Uganda
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Duplex for sale in Kyanja
Hot deal
Location - Kyanja
District - Kampala
Type - Duplex
Sizefive bedroom
Status - For Sale
Ugx 850,000,000
Real Estate Agents in Kampala Uganda
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Storeyed house for sale in Lubowa
Hot deal
Location - Lubowa
District - Wakiso
Type - Storeyed house
Sizesix bedroom
Status - For Sale
$ 550,000
Real Estate Agents in Kampala Uganda
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Mob: +256705162000 / +256788162000

Street: Sir Apollo Kaggwa Road

Plot: 24, Bifro House, 1st floor office 8

Email: info@RealEstateDatabase.net

PLEASE NOTE: For property details, contact the agent or number attached to each property, not the general info numbers above.

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