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How the RED works
The Real Estate Database (RED) is the largest database in Uganda that interlinks several real estate websites in order to create a pool of 1000s of properties in one place, the RED also distributes all the collected properties to several other listing websites/portals as shown in the image below. 
Numbers 1 to 13 represents a cross section of several top websites that are linked to the Real Estate Database (RED).

Number 14 represents the direct feed that automatically links all participating real estate websites to the RED.

Number 15 represents a direct feed that automatically distributes properties in the RED to other real estate listing websites and portals within the official distribution network, such portals including the following: (16) Lamudi, (18) Mobo Free, (19) Super Price, (20) Kupatana, (21) Property Map, plus the Real Estate Database portal and many others.

The basic objective of the Real Estate Database (RED) is to build a network of real estate websites in Uganda so as to create the largest pool of 1000s of properties in one place, and also to distribute the same properties to as many portals as possible in order to increase sales.

All real estate agents and developers are invited to register and link their websites to the Real Estate Database at: www.RealEstateDatabase.net, There are several reasons why every agent needs to join the Real Estate Database, however on of the key reasons is that when you join the RED then your properties will be redistributed to a wider online market.

NB: if an agent does not have a website then he gets one free of charge when he/she joins the RED network.

Once you contract us to design your real estate website, we shall offer you all the following features:

1) Property Search:
We will provide your website with the most appropriate property search engine that will give it the ability to always return results from a specified location or a specified price range, the search criteria can be customized to your specifications or similar to what is on this very website.

2) Property codes
Each of your properties will be automatically assigned a property code, so that buyers/visitors who return to your website can identify or enter the codes they saw earlier in order to quickly get the exact house/land that they liked.

3) Unlimited Images
We allow an unlimited number of photos for each listing, for you, this is a great advantage, since your competition in the market typically provides only 5 or so images for their base service. We encourage you to provide more than 10 images for each listing depending on the size and value of the property.

4) Watermarks on images
It has become very common for lazy agents to steal photos of other agents from the internet and use them on their own websites. However, we have come up with ways to use automatic watermarks in order to guarantee the intellectual property of the images on agent's listings.

5) Property details:
Your website will display several property details including the following; Property Code, Location, Number of bedrooms, Price, Agent, Levels, property type, Description Amenities and all contact details plus unlimited images.

The website will also be able to display several property status as follows: New, Reduced, On Offer, Hot Deal, Short Let, Furnished, Foreclosure, Comming soon, Back on market, etc.

6) Send to a friend form:
This form helps a visitor to quickly share the property with is friend or husband or wife and thus a quicker decision can be taken as opposed to waiting for all of them to search for the same property.

7) Request a viewing:
This will enable the buyer to instantly request and schedule a tour of the property while he/she is on the page of the same property, i.e, each property must have an enquiry form.

8) Currency converter:
This enables the buyer to view the properties in a currency of his/her choice, available currencies include: Dollars, Euros, Shillings and Pounds and any other currencies of choice.

9) Google map showing the location of a property:
Entering Google coordinates while uploading a property will help to show the exact location of a property otherwise the system will automatically show who the bird’s eye view or the approximate area in which the property is located, this helps to give the buyer an idea about the location of the property.

10) Related properties:
While viewing the details of a specific property a potential buyer is also shown other properties in the same location or properties within the same price range or properties of the same type, this helps to increase the probability for the buyer to choose from related options when provided with a wider collection.

11) Boost your property:
Boosting your property will give it prominence, boosted properties appear higher in the search results, so there's a better chance that a potential buyer will see them, to be precise a boosted post is a post from your listing that can be made to appear higher up in the search results at a fee.

12) Social Media integration (Share/Like/Send):
We shall integrate social media in your real estate website and this will help you or your visitors to: Share, Send and Like each property or to Follow your page. The integration will also enable you to automatically list your properties within Facebook.

13) Website linkage with XML (IDX) Feeds:
Your website will be linked to more than 10 property listing portals including: Lamudi, Kupatana, AfriBaba, Facebook, Property Map and several others, The XML linkage means that you will upload your properties to your website and they will be distributed to all other portals automatically.

This XML feed will save a lot of your time and it will also ensure the timely distribution of your properties to a wider audience, i.e. the data on your website will also be consistent with the data on all other listing websites/platforms.

Our guarantee is that we shall be able to do this linkage within one week like we have already done for all the other agents who are members of the Real Estate Database (RED).

14) Self-update control panel
Our easy to use control panel enables you to manage your own real estate website and make changes on your pages instantly. Use your website control panel to easily manage content, listings, menu items, leads and more.

15) Mortgage calculator
If your clients are interested in a mortgage, we provide them with a mortgage calculator which makes it easy to get an overview/estimate of their mortgage projections.

16) Property statistics
The RED  account will provide you with real time (live) statistics and graphs regarding the performance of your properties, this will help you to allocate resources and efforts optimally, such statistics may include: Total active properties, number of properties in the major categories, total number of properties uploaded per month, properties visited on a specific day, most visited properties, least visited properties, most visited locations/areas and many other reports that you may need or propose.
17) Chatroom
A chat room helps you to connect and engage instantly with your customers, it gives you online brand a voice so that you can engage your customers and create meaningful relationships by talking to them over a live chat, this increases the chances of high value sales and helps you to reach out to customers who need help in order to make a choice and create a unique experience for each of your customers.

The most important point though is that a live chat is the easiest and fastest way for the customer to contact you whenever there is a problem or whenever they need more information.

18) Mobile friendly websites
We design mobile friendly websites, which means that your website’s information (images, texts, videos, links) is easily and readily accessible across all different platforms or devices and, most particularly, on the much smaller screen of smartphones and tablets. At a more complex level, mobile friendly means utilizing to the utmost all the incredible capabilities of mobile devices to deliver an effective, satisfying experience to users on the go.

19) Android App
As part of your RED membership package, you will get an Android App that your clients can install on their mobile phones directly from the Google play store, once they do that then they no longer have to remember your domain name, all they need to do is to tap your app icon on their screens in order to get access to all your properties.

20) Property Alerts
Your potential clients can subscribe for property alerts based on thier budgets; so that whenever you upload a new property to your website then such clients will get an email alert that you have uploaded a new property within their budget.

21) Generate fliers
You can easily generate fliers directly from your own real estate website by simply typing the domain of your website then add following at the end: /Fliers/Default.aspx, feel free to print and put the fliers on your notice board and show room window, or at all malls and other public places/boards, or save and send the fliers to your clients as attachments.

22) Multi agent account
Your website will be designed in such a way that each agent has his/her account (complete with contact details plus username and password), hence you can feel free to add as many agents as possible, so that each of them can upload their own properties.

23) Support / Training
We understand how important it is that you get the support you need, when you need it. Our average response time is 1-2 hours during normal business hours Monday-Friday.

CONCLUSION (Take Action Now!)
Several real estate companies have successfully used the Real Estate Database (RED) plus our website design services (and our linkage services) to increase customer engagements online, and thus we strongly believe that our online real estate services will work for you too at a cost of 1,200,000 shillings only.

Use the form above (on this page) to contact us right now and make a quick enquiry about our real estate website design and XML linkage services. 

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PRIVACY POLICY - This privacy policy has been compiled to better serve those who are concerned with how their 'Personally identifiable information' (PII) is being used online. Please read our privacy policy carefully to get a clear understanding of how we collect, use, protect or otherwise handle your Personally Identifiable Information in accordance with our website. What personal information do we collect from the people that visit our blog, website or app? When ordering or registering on our site, as app ....

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Duplex for rent in Muyenga
Hot deal
A marvelous 4 bedroom duplex in muyenga kiwafu road for rent
Location - Muyenga
District - Kampala
Type - Duplex
Sizefour bedroom
Status - For Rent
$ 1,000
Real Estate Agents in Kampala Uganda
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Apartment block for sale in Bbunga
Hot deal
Elegant 3 bedroom apartment for sale in Bunga
Location - Bbunga
District - Kampala
Type - Apartment block
Sizethree bedroom
Status - For Sale
Ugx 1,600,000,000
Real Estate Agents in Kampala Uganda
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Mansion for sale in Nakassajja
Hot deal
7 acre country home in nakasajja for sale
Location - Nakassajja
District - Wakiso
Type - Mansion
Sizefive bedroom
Status - For Sale
Ugx 850,000,000
Real Estate Agents in Kampala Uganda
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Apartment block for sale in Muyenga
On offer
Hot deal
2 blocks of 3 bedroom apartments for sale in Muyenga
Location - Muyenga
District - Kampala
Type - Apartment block
Sizethree bedroom
Status - For Sale
$ 1,000,000
Real Estate Agents in Kampala Uganda
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Storeyed house for sale in Namugongo
Hot deal
A storyed 4bedroom house in namugongo sonde for sale
Location - Namugongo
District - Wakiso
Type - Storeyed house
Sizefour bedroom
Status - For Sale
Ugx 320,000,000
Real Estate Agents in Kampala Uganda
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Condominium for sale in Muyenga
Hot deal
3 bedroom tight secured condominium apartment in muyenga namuwongo road for sale
Location - Muyenga
District - Kampala
Type - Condominium
Sizethree bedroom
Status - For Sale
$ 150,000
Real Estate Agents in Kampala Uganda
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Condominium for sale in Kabalagala
Hot deal
Brand-new 3 bedrooms condominium apartment in kabalagala for sale
Location - Kabalagala
District - Kampala
Type - Condominium
Sizethree bedroom
Status - For Sale
$ 110,000
Real Estate Agents in Kampala Uganda
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Condominium for sale in Buziga
Hot deal
An excellent newly built 3 bedrooms condominium apartment in buziga for sale
Location - Buziga
District - Kampala
Type - Condominium
Sizethree bedroom
Status - For Sale
$ 130,000
Real Estate Agents in Kampala Uganda
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Mob: +256705162000 / +256788162000

Street: Sir Apollo Kaggwa Road

Plot: 24, Bifro House, 1st floor office 8

Email: info@RealEstateDatabase.net

PLEASE NOTE: For property details, contact the agent or the number attached to each property, not the general info numbers above.


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