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Real Estate agents and brokers want to publish (syndicate) their properties on several websites in order to increase the opportunities of those properties being seen by a bigger number of property hunters who are using the internet to find what they are looking for, they also want to save the time required to upload the same properties on several websites, this can be achieved by creating partnerships between websites/portals or databases.

If you have a property listing website and you would like to display all the latest properties directly from the Real Estate Database (RED) to your website then we are providing you with two formats through which you can connect to the database and querry the properties you need or you can import the properties into your database everyday; 1) using a live XML feed, 2) using an up-to-date CSV / Excel file, all these two formats contain the same properties, so its up to you to choose the easier option for you.
  1. XML Feed:
    (The XML feed format is normalized and more detailed, thus it can be queried directly by your system)

  2. CSV / Excel file:
    (The CSV format is not normalized since each listing is in one raw, and thus it has a limited number of 2 images)
However, if you are a real estate agent or broker and would like to publish all your properties directly from your website into the Real Estate Database (RED) (and to any other property listing website), then the best way to do so is by contacting us to link your website directly to the RED or converting your listings into an XML data feed and then sending us the live feed of all the active properties in your database.

Your website designer (technical team) can create this feed and then submit it through your company's account in the RED, ie you need to create a RED account first in order to submit your XML feed and thus all the properties in the feed will be associated with your account.

There are several websites that are already linked to the RED directly or through XML feeds including the following:   and many others.

We will connect directly to your feed and process your properties from the URL that you provide (we require a static URL that never changes), and once you provide a feed then it will not be necessary to upload any properties from within the same account, else that would create duplicates, all you have to do is upload properties on your website and they will appear in the RED listing and also on other property listing websites like: Kupatana, Supa Price, Lamudi, Property Maps, Find A House and Mobo Free.

How do I sign up to create/submit my feed to the RED?

Go to, then fill out and submit the form on the member registration page so as to create an account, then enter your feed's URL after you have accessed your new account.

If you are not sure how to create/get/submit your XML feed then send us an email at: e-mail [email protected] or call 0705162000 (Julius) and ask for assistance or for more information on how we can help you to easily create a live feed for your website like we have done for all the others.

What communication protocols do you support?

We support the HTTP protocol only. If your feed is password protected, please contact us and we’ll set things up to maintain that security were possible.

What kind of feed formats do you support?
We support the "RED Interchange Format": This is our own feed format that will allow you to display appropriate listings on the RED website. You will see the RED Interchange Format specifications in one of the tables below. Please note: that we do not allow feeds that have  images with Logos in them, use only clean original images.

Who do I contact in case something isn’t working correctly?
Please contact our Customer Support via e-mail at [email protected] or you can contact 0705162000 (Julius).

What's the required update Frequency

The frequency with which we update/process your feed depends on various factors, eg if the feed for your websites was created by our team then processing will be done as soon as new properties are updated on your websites.

However if the feed was submitted to us through an external provider then such a feed will be updated/checked on daily basis (once and day). Please contact us to find out how often your feed will be updated.

Field Specifications/Details (technical)

Because some characters will not display as intended after the XML is parsed, its required that you enclose all tag values in a CDATA section as shown in the example on this page. Anything enclosed within these tags will not be parsed and will be displayed literally.

By using the RED Interchange Format, you can include as much detail about a home as you'd like, especially within the description tag, the more information you can supply, the more attractive the home will be to a potential buyer.

We only accept the UTF-8 encoding for all XML feeds and the feed must contain every single property that you want to be live on the RED. All the properties that are in the feed will be posted into the RED unless an error occurs during the processing of your feed. Any properties that are no longer in the feed will be removed from the RED.

The following are the required fields for your feed:

<HOUSE_CODE>   This should contain a unique code/ID of the property as it appears from within your system/database, the RED system will generate new IDs for each property, however, the original ID will be used as a reference pointing back to the same property on your own website.
<LOCATION>   The name of the parish or village where the property is located. feel free to use the most common names of area as you know them, we may however change the spelling of a location if we think that it does not sync with what everyone else has submitted for the same location.

You also need to cross check with the popular locations on the RED home page if you are not sure how a specific location is spelled. many locations have double letters eg Bwebajja yet some agents make a mistake of using single letters.
<DISTRICT_ID>   An ID of the district where the property is located, see the full list of districts and their IDs below, arranged by name:
  124 = Select 125 = International 13 = Abim 14 = Adjumani 15 = Amolatar 16 = Amuria 17 = Apac 18 = Arua 19 = Budaka 20 = Bugiri 21 = Bukwa 22 = Bulisa 23 = Bundibugyo 24 = Bushenyi 25 = Busia 26 = Busiki 27 = Butaleja 28 = Dokolo 29 = Gulu 30 = Hoima 31 = Ibanda 32 = Iganga 33 = Jinja 34 = Kaabong 35 = Kabale 36 = Kabarole 37 = Kaberamaido 38 = Kabingo 39 = Kalangala 40 = Kaliro 41 = Kampala 42 = Kamuli 43 = Kamwenge 44 = Kanungu 45 = Kapchorwa 46 = Kasese 47 = Katakwi 48 = Kayunga 49 = Kibale 50 = Kiboga 51 = Kilak 52 = Kiruhura 53 = Kisoro 54 = Kitgum 55 = Koboko 56 = Kotido 57 = Kumi 58 = Kyenjojo 59 = Lira 60 = Luwero 61 = Manafwa 62 = Maracha 63 = Masaka 64 = Masindi 65 = Mayuge 66 = Mbale 67 = Mbarara 68 = Mityana 69 = Moroto 70 = Moyo 71 = Mpigi 72 = Mubende 73 = Mukono 74 = Nakapiripirit 75 = Nakaseke 76 = Nakasongola 77 = Nebbi 78 = Ntungamo 79 = Oyam 80 = Pader 81 = Pallisa 82 = Rakai 83 = Rukungiri 84 = Sembabule 85 = Sironko 86 = Soroti 87 = Tororo 88 = Wakiso 89 = Yumbe
<BEDROOMS>   A figure representing the number of bedrooms within the property or attached to the property
<RENT_SALE>   This is a field that indicates if the property is for sale or for rent and it requires one of two values, either "Rent" if the property is for rent or "Sale Price" if the property is for sale
<PRICE>   This should be the sale price or monthly rent price as it was specified by the landlord, this price should not have any symbols attached and it should also not have any commas.
<CURRENCY>   The currency as specified by the landlord, this should either be "Dollars" or "Shillings", other currencies are also available but through the currency converter in the RED system. ie the two currencies mentioned will be converted into the currency that the visitor prefers.
<FURNISHED>   A figure that Indicates if a property is furnished or unfurnished, you will have to use: 1 for furnished or 2 for unfurnished. 
<LEVELS>   Refers to the number of floors on the property, this also helps to show the floor on which an apartment for sale/rent is located.
<HOUSE_CATEGORY>   Requires an ID representing the category of the property, below is a list of categries and their IDs:

1 = Bungalow 2 = Semi Detached 3 = Apartment 4 = Maisonette 5 = Mansion
6 = Shell House 7 = Cottage 8 = Villa 9 = Studio 10 = Duplex
11 = Penthouse 12 = Town House 13 = Apartment block 14 = Residential Land 15 = Commercial Land
16 = Agricultural Land 17 = Industrial Land 18 = Recreational Land 19 = Multi Purpose Land 20 = WareHouse
21 = Office Space 22 = Shop 23 = Commercial block 24 = School 25 = Farm
26 = Guest house 27 = Multi purpose space 28 = Island 29 = Stone quarry 30 = Radio station
31 = Petrol station 32 = Beach 33 = Resort 34 = Hotel 35 = Hostel
36 = Conference facilities 37 = Rental units 38 = Joint investment land
<ENTRY_DATE>   The date on which a property was entered into your own system/database, all properties that are flagged as expired (based on their entry date) will have a tag showing that they are taken.
<EMAIL>   Contact email address, this will be used/displayed on the property details page when a user clicks to make an enquiry
<PHONE>   Contact phone number of the agent attached to the property.
<DESCRIPTION>   A full description of the property, this should contain all details about the property, including fields that are not provided for within the XML tags, ie this provides an opportunity for you to add all extra information regarding the property, you can use HTML to format all the items as you see fit. 
<AMENITIES>   A list of extra features that the property possesses
<IMAGE_URL>   This should be a url/path that points to the picture of the property on your server, ie all images will be loaded directly from your server/website loading images directly from your server is intended to reduce the image processing load at the time when we are updating your feed.

Sample feed

See below a demo/sample of how a live feed should be structured.

<PRICE><![CDATA[ 1500 ]]></PRICE>
<ENTRY_DATE><![CDATA[ 2/13/2015 6:08:34 AM ]]></ENTRY_DATE>
<EMAIL><![CDATA[ [email protected] ]]></EMAIL>
<PHONE><![CDATA[ 256-772-439777 ]]></PHONE>
<DESCRIPTION><![CDATA[ 7 newly and greatly finished but simple and cozy apartments in the heart of Muyenga Tankhill. <br/> <br/>Great choice of floor/bathroom tiles, light fittings. Granite tops in all kitchens. <br/> <br/>Open plan lounge/dining with half closed kitchen, lots of cabinets. A big window above the sink that lets in lots of natural light. From the kitchen is a balcony that has a hook up for a laundry machine and a door that opens into a domestic wing <br/> <br/>High ceilings. All bedrooms are fitted with sliding closets and all en-suite (glass modern showers). <br/> <br/>There is a spacious penthouse that measures about 250 square meters with about 4 balconies, great space, has 3 bedroom, two of which share a bathroom <br/> <br/>There are 3 Two Bedroom apartments <br/>There are 3 Three Bedroom apartments <br/> <br/>The 2 bedrooms have 2 balconies each <br/> <br/>2 parking spots for each tenant <br/> <br/>Good security <br/> <br/> <br/> ]]></DESCRIPTION>
<AMENITIES><![CDATA[ 24hr security, garbage disposal ]]></AMENITIES>
<IMAGE_URL><![CDATA[\PropertyPhotos\67\8365_13-2-2015_7-10_42.jpeg ]]></IMAGE_URL>
<IMAGE_URL><![CDATA[\PropertyPhotos\67\8365_13-2-2015_7-11_44.jpeg ]]></IMAGE_URL>
<IMAGE_URL><![CDATA[\PropertyPhotos\67\8365_13-2-2015_7-13_41.jpeg ]]></IMAGE_URL>
<IMAGE_URL><![CDATA[\PropertyPhotos\67\8365_13-2-2015_7-14_28.jpeg ]]></IMAGE_URL>
<IMAGE_URL><![CDATA[\PropertyPhotos\67\8365_13-2-2015_7-15_25.jpeg ]]></IMAGE_URL>
<IMAGE_URL><![CDATA[\PropertyPhotos\67\8365_13-2-2015_7-18_17.jpeg ]]></IMAGE_URL>
<IMAGE_URL><![CDATA[\PropertyPhotos\67\8365_13-2-2015_7-22_46.jpeg ]]></IMAGE_URL>
<IMAGE_URL><![CDATA[\PropertyPhotos\67\8365_13-2-2015_7-29_54.jpeg ]]></IMAGE_URL>
<IMAGE_URL><![CDATA[\PropertyPhotos\67\8365_13-2-2015_7-33_29.jpeg ]]></IMAGE_URL>
<IMAGE_URL><![CDATA[\PropertyPhotos\67\8365_13-2-2015_7-36_2.jpeg ]]></IMAGE_URL>

We can help you to create a feed for your website.

The cost/time required in creating a feed for your website depends on the complexity of its internal structure, you will thus need to contact us in order to make a quick assessment of your website and then we shall let you know the net price in case you would like us to generate your feed,  however the average price is 600K and the average time is 2 to 7 days.

If you have no website or if you would like a new website then we shall design one for you and also create the feed at a total cost of 1.2m only, and if you are a paid up member of the RED then your feed is already active.

We look forward to receiving all your feeds and we are still open to any suggestions on how you would like to submit your feed or how you would like to structure it.


( ... new properties every hour).

The Real Estate Database (RED) is largest network of real estate websites in Uganda, the aim of the RED is to interlink all real estate websites so as to create a massive pool of 1000s of properties in one place, ie when you search the RED you get results from multiple websites, its a property index or a property listing system which has successfully been used by major Real Estate Agents plus Realtors and Developers in order to ensure maximum exposure of properties for sale or rent on the internet. The RED can also be referred to as “a property search engine” or Multiple Listing Server because it interlinks multiple real estate websites and thus creates a very wide variety of listings from all prime areas.  You can use the RED to find affordable houses for rent in Kampala Uganda, houses for sale in uganda, apartments for rent  and sale or land for sale in Uganda. The RED has furnished and unfurnished houses or residentials and commercial properties of different types for sale or rent that include: bungalows, semi detached, studio apartments, maisionettes, mansions, Shell houses, cottages and condominiums. Other types of properties include: Prime Office space, land and plots from several real estate agents and realtors located in Kampala Uganda.

Apartments, Bungalows, Mansions, Cottages, Villas, Semi Detached houses, Maisionettes, Shell Houses, Studios, Duplex houses, Pent-houses, Town Houses, Apartment (whole) blocks, etc

... check the database now for all types of houses.


"CLick" on any location of your choice to get listings within that location.

» 711 Bungalows for sale in Kira Wakiso
» 283 Detached houses for rent in Namugongo Wakiso
» 276 Apartments for rent in Naguru Kampala
» 254 Apartments for rent in Kisaasi Kampala
» 254 Bungalows for sale in Namugongo Wakiso
» 247 Apartments for rent in Kololo Kampala
» 235 Bungalows for sale in Kitende Wakiso
» 210 Apartments for rent in Ntinda Kampala
» 207 Detached houses for rent in Kira Wakiso
» 193 Mansions for sale in Munyonyo Kampala
» 188 Apartments for rent in Muyenga Kampala
» 176 Residential plots for sale in Kira Wakiso
» 173 Apartments for rent in Namugongo Wakiso
» 173 Detached houses for rent in Bweyogerere Wakiso
» 171 Detached houses for rent in Kyaliwajjala Wakiso
» 171 Bungalows for rent in Naguru Kampala
» 170 Bungalows for sale in Gayaza Wakiso
» 160 Mansions for sale in Muyenga Kampala
» 147 Apartments for rent in Bukoto Kampala
» 143 Bungalows for sale in Najjeera Wakiso
» 143 Mansions for rent in Naguru Kampala
» 141 Detached houses for rent in Kyanja Kampala
» 141 Apartments for rent in Kyaliwajjala Wakiso
» 138 Apartments for rent in Kira Wakiso
» 134 Bungalows for sale in Ntinda Kampala
» 133 Apartments for rent in Naalya Kampala
» 132 Residential plots for sale in Gayaza Wakiso
» 126 Apartments for rent in Kiwatule Kampala
» 121 Apartments for rent in Bugolobi Kampala
» 120 Apartments for rent in Kyanja Kampala
» 118 Detached houses for rent in Kisaasi Kampala
» 106 Apartments for rent in Munyonyo Kampala
» 104 Detached houses for rent in Seeta Mukono
» 104 Apartments for rent in Najjeera Wakiso
» 101 Bungalows for sale in Munyonyo Kampala
» 98 Bungalows for sale in Seguku Wakiso
» 98 Bungalows for sale in Bwebajja Wakiso
» 96 Residential plots for sale in Bwebajja Wakiso
» 96 Bungalows for rent in Kololo Kampala
» 93 Mansions for sale in Kira Wakiso
» 91 Residential plots for sale in Namugongo Wakiso
» 91 Detached houses for rent in Najjeera Wakiso
» 90 Bungalows for rent in Ntinda Kampala
» 90 Residential plots for sale in Kyanja Kampala
» 89 Mansions for sale in Bunga Kampala
» 82 Apartments for sale in Kira Wakiso
» 78 Mansions for rent in Muyenga Kampala
» 78 Detached houses for sale in Kira Wakiso
» 77 Mansions for sale in Naguru Kampala
» 77 Detached houses for sale in Najjeera Wakiso
» 77 Bungalows for rent in Muyenga Kampala
» 76 Mansions for rent in Kololo Kampala
» 75 Bungalows for sale in Naalya Kampala
» 73 Bungalows for sale in Muyenga Kampala
» 72 Bungalows for rent in Naalya Kampala
» 68 Bungalows for rent in Bugolobi Kampala
» 67 Bungalows for sale in Kira Kampala
» 65 Bungalows for sale in Bweyogerere Wakiso
» 64 Bungalows for sale in Kasangati Wakiso
» 63 Apartments for rent in Bweyogerere Wakiso
» 61 Bungalows for rent in Kira Wakiso
» 61 Mansions for sale in Buziga Kampala
» 60 Residential plots for sale in Muyenga Kampala
» 59 Bungalows for sale in Kisaasi Kampala
» 58 Mansions for sale in Naalya Kampala
» 58 Bungalows for sale in Kiira Wakiso
» 58 Bungalows for sale in Buwaate Wakiso
» 57 Apartments for rent in Nakasero Kampala
» 57 Apartments for rent in Najjera Kampala
» 56 Detached houses for sale in Namugongo Wakiso
» 55 Detached houses for rent in Mpererwe Kampala
» 55 Bungalows for sale in Kiwatule Kampala
» 54 Detached houses for rent in Mpelerwe Wakiso
» 53 Apartments for rent in Buziga Kampala
» 53 Apartments for rent in Namugongo Kampala
» 52 Residential plots for sale in Kiwenda Wakiso
» 51 Bungalows for rent in Bukoto Kampala
» 51 Bungalows for sale in Naguru Kampala
» 50 Bungalows for sale in Entebbe Wakiso
» 48 Residential plots for sale in Najjeera Wakiso

Agricultural land, Residential land, Commercial land, Industrial land, Recreational land, Multi Purpose Land

... check the database now for all types of land.


Do you need help with your property search? (eg: you don't know the location names and places or prices)
... feel free to contact any of the agents below for guidance regarding the best available options that fit your property needs.

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Fully serviced office space

 Plazas, Towers, Malls, Arcades.


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We design (mobile friendly) real estate websites which are loaded with all possible real estate features that an agent or broker or developer would need to sale property.

... contact us to design or upgrade your website with all real estate features.

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